Why buy a Banknote Counter?

Money counting machine overview

A money counting machine has become commonplace in point of sale (POS) locations. A money counting machine offers many advantages to small and large businesses, consequently the return on investment is usually within a few months.

Most businesses count their banknotes at the end of a long day when employees want to go home as soon as possible. Their concentration is often poor and they are prone to making mistakes. If cash registers do not balance the process becomes more frustrating. A money counter machine counts banknotes in seconds, they are accurate, flag counterfeit banknotes and can perform various functions that help you manage your banknotes e.g. batch counting. It's dead easy to operate a money counting machine. Simply place your banknotes in the hopper and the money counting machine will automatically start counting. The counting result will be displayed on the screen.

To see an overview of our ZZap money counting machines, check out our money counting machine range. Click on the green bar at the top of the overview page to view a comparison of all our money counting machines. Some advantages of a money counter machine are listed below.

Fast and efficient

A money counting machine counts banknotes at high speed so you can save time and give other responsibilities that extra priority. A ZZap money counting machine can count up to 1,900 banknote a minute. That's over £20,000 in just 13 seconds! In fact a money counting machine can count up to 27 times faster than if you manually counted the banknotes yourself. Just think of the time and money you could save everyday by using a money counting machine.

Banknote counter vs manual counting: 27x faster (mixed), 16x faster (single)

The high specification money counting machines can count at a very high rate of speed therefore they have adjustable speed settings so you can count old & worn banknotes at a slower speed to reduce the risk of tearing/ripping.

Counterfeit detection

A money counting machine also known as a banknote counter uses up to 8 counterfeit detections to verify your banknotes. When a banknote counter detects a counterfeit banknote it automatically stops, sounds its alarm and the detection that identified the counterfeit will be displayed on the screen. The counterfeit banknote will be the last banknote on the stacker.

ZZap banknote counters have up to 100% counterfeit detection accuracy. In fact the Bank of England (GBP) and European Central Bank (EURO) have certified the ZZap NC40, NC50 and NC60 for having 100% accurate detection so you can have complete piece of mind.

Banknote counter counterfeit detection is all about spending less time manually checking banknotes yourself and more time saving money. Counterfeit banknotes are hard to spot and its even harder when there's time limitations e.g. a queue of people waiting to be served. A banknote counter takes away the stress, human error and time taken to check every banknote and does it all for you quickly and efficiently.

Value counting

NC50 Banknote counter

A banknote counter can also count the total value of your banknotes. Banknote counters such as theNC40+NC50 and NC60 also called value counters recognise each denomination and can total up the value of your banknotes. That means you can count a mixed denomination stack of banknotes and the banknote counter will report the total value of the banknotes. The banknote counter can even report the break down of your counting result i.e. display how many of each denomination it has counted.

A banknote counter can value count a selection of default currencies pre-loaded to the machine. However if you need to value count another currency that is not listed on the product page, we can download your required currency to the banknote counter or you can easily do it yourself using its integrated USB port! Get in touchif you need to value count a currency that is not listed on our website and we will be happy to help.

Batch & adding function

NC30 batch counting

A money counter can quickly count your banknotes into batches. Simply enter the quantity/value of notes you require, place the notes on the hopper and start counting. The money counter will stop automatically when it has counted your batch. Once you take the banknotes from the stacker the money counter will automatically start to count the next batch – no buttons to press.

A money counter can also add different stacks of banknotes together. For example if you have a large quantity of banknotes that cannot all fit in the money counter hopper, you simply divide the stack and count the smaller stacks individually. The money counter will add the counting results together. However most ZZap money counter hoppers are large enough to count all your banknote in one go.


NC60 money sorter

A ZZap money counter can sort your banknotes according to denomination, fitness and orientation. For example if you are unsure whether there is a rogue banknote within your stack of banknotes i.e. a £5 within a stack of £20 banknotes, a money counter can detect and automatically stop when it reaches a rogue banknote, eliminating human error and counting mistakes.

Advanced money counters known as money sorters such as the ZZap NC60 have two stackers. This allows them to sort your banknotes without stopping. Money sorters use advanced imaging software that allows them to sort your banknotes according to denomination, orientation and fitness/quality. Money sorters can even record the serial numbers on each banknote. The result is a money counter that can sort your banknotes in a variety of ways, at a high rate of speed.

Suitable for all world currencies

Count all world currencies NC10

A cash counter can count all world currencies. TheNC40 cash counter and all the models below this in the ZZap cash counter range count the total quantity of banknotes and can count any currency.

Cash counting machines that value count (as described above in value counting) can only value count pre-set currencies. However other currencies can be downloaded to the cash counter. So no matter what currency you need counting, ZZap cash counting machines have you covered.