Why buy a Point of Sale safe?

POS safe overview

A POS safe stands for Point of Sale Safe. A POS safe is a great way to store your excess banknotes from the cash register in order to reduce the risk of robbery and internal theft. An example of a POS safe is the ZZap S1. A POS safe is designed to be mounted underneath a countertop. It can be released at any time for a safe and secure removal process to the safe deposit/office location. A POS safe has become an essential product in point of sale locations across the globe. A POS safe can be found in most nightclubs, shops, pubs, department stores, schools, bureau de changes, restaurants, transport firms etc.

POS safe

A POS safe is extremely easy to use. Simply insert the banknote into the slit at the top of the safe then press the handle downwards. The banknote is then securely stored within the POS safe and can only be accessed using the key. Why not check out our POS safe.

Robust casing

A POS safe, sometimes referred to as a 'counter cache' are made from robust materials that offer the best security for your banknotes. A counter cache casing is made from steel so gaining access without the key is almost impossible without the use of heavy machinery.

A counter cache typically stores banknotes – all currencies and denominations. However a counter cache can also store cheques, credit card vouchers etc.

Mounts underneath a countertop

A counter cache is designed to be mounted out of sight underneath a countertop or near the POS location. When there's too much cash in the till, excess banknotes can be deposited conveniently into the counter cache where they can be securely stored. At the end of the day or when the counter cache is full, staff can release the safe from the countertop and take it to the back office.

Mounts underneath a countertop

Banknotes stored neatly

Banknotes stored neatly

A counter cache stores your banknotes in a neat and tidy fashion within the safe. A counter cache can store up to an impressive 350 banknotes so you won't run out of capacity anytime soon.

Quick and reliable operation

A counter cash, sometimes referred to as an under counter cash drawer uses an all-steel jam-free mechanism that doesn't use plastic parts to ensure a consistent and reliable operation. The mechanism used to mount/un-mount the under counter cash drawer is simplistic but robust to ensure a quick and secure connect/release from the mount.

Comes with two sets of keys

A counter cash comes with 4 keys, 2 of which are spares. 1 key is used to connect/release the counter cash from the mount (for staff): the other is used to enter the note storage (for management).