How does a Point of Sale safe work?

POS safe overview

A point of sale (POS) safe also referred to as a under counter safe is simplistic in design to ensure reliable operation and to advocate a robust structure. The outer casing is moulded from steel so without the key, gaining access to the banknote storage compartment is extremely difficult. An under counter safe is a very effective point of sale security measure that thousands of businesses rely on. Why not check out the ZZap S1 POS safe for more information.

How to use

A cash drawer safe requires no technical knowledge to operate. Insert the banknote into the top of the cash drawer safe then push down the cylinder handle. The action of pushing down the handle pushes the banknote into the cash drawer safe where it can be securely held.

How to use cash drawer safe

To un-mount the cash box, simply unlock the lock at the front of the safe and slide the cash box out from the bracket. To access the banknote storage, simply unlock the lock at the back of the safe and slide out the cash box.

How a cash drawer safe works

How it works

When banknotes are inserted into the note safe, a spring and plate holds the banknote in place and retracts accordingly as more banknotes are stored. Since the banknotes are pressured by the spring, they are unable to move up and out the entry point therefore the banknotes within the note safe can only be accessed via the key.

The note safe comprises of two parts; the note safe and the bracket. The package includes 4 screws; the screws are used to screw in the bracket to the underside of a countertop or similar platform. Once the bracket is in place the note safe can be slid into the bracket and locked with the key, therefore securely mounting the note safe to the countertop. When the note safe needs to be removed from the bracket, the user simply unlocks the note safe from the bracket using the key. Why not see our money counter