ZY Tech Digital Coin Counter and Sorter

The Digital Coin Sorter with its new sorting technology electronically sorts and counts coins showing a grand total on the digital display. This sorter is an improved version of the Ultra. With the press of a button you can see how many dimes, pennies, nickels, quarters and dollar coins are in each coin tube. After a moment, the display will return to the grand total. Coins may also be subtracted from the total as desired. The Digital Coin Sorter sorts all coins, including the new dollar coin, right into the coin tubes with or without the preformed paper wrappers. Drop up to fifty coins into the hopper ... push the button ... and watch as the Digital Coin Sorter electronically sorts, counts and stacks coins rapidly into the waiting coin tubes. A handy, easy access overflow tray collects all coins that spill off the top of the full coin tubes. Just pull the drawer forward and lift out the filled tube and - Presto! - "Bank-Ready" rolls of coins! Sample coin wrappers included ... refill wrappers available. This product is not intended for high volume or commercial use. LCD requires two "AAA" batteries (not included). AC Adapter for bank operation included. Refill coin wrappers available Digital Coin Sorter - It sorts and counts all coins, including the new dollar coin, right into the coin tubes with or without the preformed paper wrappers.

Digital Coin Counter advantage

Save time and keep your hands clean with the Royal Sovereign coin sorter

For faster and more accurate coin counting in your business, this coin counter by Royal Sovereign is the ideal solution. Simply drop your coins into the top, and sit back while the machine counts, sorts and places the coins in wrappers. Keep your hands clean and save precious time while the coin sorter does all the work. The patented anti-jam feature keeps the sorter working flawlessly and allows it to sort up to 312 coins per minute.

Coin sorter quickly and accurately counts and sorts coins, depositing them into wrappers

Patented anti-jam feature keeps machine running without delays

Hopper holds up to 400 coins at a time

LCD display shows dollar amount and number of coins counted

Sorts up to 312 coins per minute

Sort and wrap your coins quickly and easily with this Royal Sovereign coin sorter. The digital coin sorter features patented technology that keeps your coins flowing through the machine into their designated slots. Compatible with most preformed wrappers, this large hopper coin sorter separates all of your quarters, nickels, dimes and pennies, saving you time and bank and automated coin machine fees.

Efficient and Fast
Throw a handful of change into this Royal Sovereign coin sorter to watch your coins land perfectly in place. The large hopper holds up to 400 coins, and sorts up to 312 coins per minute. The LED display screen shows you the dollar amount and the number of coins counted, making record keeping much easier. A patented anti-jam feature rotates within the mechanism to help free jammed coins, saving you the hassle of separating your coins manually. 

Convenient and Fun
Ideal for any business or church office, this sorter makes a redundant and time consuming task effortless and fun. Simply load preformed coin wrappers into the machine, pour your coins into the hopper, and watch as your change is separated, counted and rolled. The sorter helps you to time in labor costs and money in convenience fees. 


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