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  • Why buy a Banknote Counter?

    Money counting machine overviewA money counting machine has become commonplace in point of sale (POS) locations. A money counting machine offers many advantages to small and large businesses, conseque

  • How does a Banknote Counter work?

    Note counter overviewA note counter is a machine that counts the quantity or value of banknotes in a given lot. Note counter hardware and software varies to a large extent depending on the model. A lo

  • Why buy a Point of Sale safe?

    POS safe overviewA POS safe stands for Point of Sale Safe. A POS safe is a great way to store your excess banknotes from the cash register in order to reduce the risk of robbery and internal theft. An

  • How does a Point of Sale safe work?

    POS safe overviewA point of sale (POS) safe also referred to as a under counter safe is simplistic in design to ensure reliable operation and to advocate a robust structure. The outer casing is moulde

  • Where to buy money counting machine

    ZY Tech, top manufacturer in China provide all kind of the latest money counting machine, Provide the 30% cheaper the local factory price. Factory direct sale

  • Cash Management is easier & convenient with cash counting Machines!

    Convenient Cash Handling with Currency Counting Machines,Highly Reliable & Cost Effective ,No need to worry about Counting Errors! Detect Counterfeit Notes which Your Eyes Can't, Innovation packed in Technology

  • Can you trust a coin-counting machine

    Think about how much trust you put in someone when you buy something at the store.Is this really a pound of sliced oven-roasted turkey? Does the pump really just push out eight gallons of regular grad

  • New ¥100 starts circulation on Nov.12, 2015!

    On 12 November 2015, the new version Chinese ¥100 starts circulating. It is the 5th series of RMB system, circulating in parallel with the previous editions and have the same face value.&nbs

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