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Model Number: ZY-HS886 High Speed Coin Sorter

  • Weight   43KG & 45KG
  • Display   LCD Display
  • Warranty:   1 year
  • Model Number:   ZY-886
  • Place of Origin:    Shenzhen, China
  • Certification:    CE FCC ROHS
  • Color:   
  • Counting Speed:   1500-1900pcs / min
  • Power supply   AC220V±10﹪/50Hz,110V/60Hz
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ZY-HS886 high speed coin checking sorter is the product of our company’s independent research and development. This machine can do checking, identifying and counting coins by the material, dimension, thickness and so on. And through our company R & D runway, to sort every coin by the quantity, gross amount and separate counterfeit, and different coins at 99.99% rate.


Performance characteristics

Detection Mode: The sensor of this machine is independently developed by our company, which can detect and count coins by the differences of coins .

Sorting Mode: This machine improved sorting accuracy by combining a new electronic-driven way .

Warning Device: If the abnormal condition or the coin jam occur, the system immediately alarm, suggesting error location, eliminating confusion sorting, thus ensuring the accuracy of sorting and authentication to improve work efficiency.

LCD touch screen: It adopts LCD touch screen, with both touch screen and physical buttons, achieve the most simple and convenient way of man-machine communication.

Preset circulation: Extra coins will be hit to the coin box by presetting the number of coins, which achieve not only presetting non-stop, but also avoiding coin jam. Efficacy improved significantly.

Self-learning:  the machine includes a self-learning of the new currency function, which can meet the coin sorting all over the world.


Technical parameters



Sorting Mechanism


Feeding coins mode

Automatic feeding

The number of varieties

of the coin sorting


6/9 kinds of coins

Sorting Speed

1500-1900pcs / min

Operation Mode

Touch screen and physical buttons



Size (6 kinds of coins)


Size (9 kinds of coins)


Power Supply


Power consumption

Standby mode15W

Working condition150W


≤650pcs / box


≤2000pcs / box

Net Weight6 kinds of coins)


Net Weight9 kinds of coins)


Sortable Coin Diameter



Sortable Coin Thickness


Counting Mode

Continuous Counting/presetting counting